This Multicolored London Kitchen Feels Like a Tropical Vacation

semicircular tinted mirror

Between chronic dampness and a cramped, segmented floor plan, the lower ground level of a young family’s Victorian townhouse was incredibly dreary. To vanquish the gloom, architecture studio Office S&M gave the kitchen and dining area a bright, rainbow rehaul that’s in stark contrast to its dingy former state.

Joyful colors, geometric shapes, and rounded edges also juxtapose with London’s perpetually cloudy skies, offering the homeowners a much-needed getaway from the gray weather. “They wanted to create a space that felt like being on holiday,” explains Office S&M founding partner Catrina Stewart.

She and her team achieved this transformation on a budget, all the while adhering to the clients’ request to work as sustainably as possible. On top of employing recycled materials and restoring existing features, Catrina was able to minimize costs and waste by crafting dynamic pieces that each serve numerous purposes.

The arched, baby blue larder cleverly provides storage for dry goods and cookware while also supplying a dedicated hideout for the small children and a built-in light that illuminates the countertop. Similarly, the pale pink and teal bench structure includes upper cupboards in the crownlike roof for the adults and lower lockers in the base for the kids. The vibrant, multifunctional designs are a perfect solution for the family of four.


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