Sunscreen – Terracotta Baguettes

To answer the many requirements of building envelopes and specifically expectations regarding sun protection, Terreal offers a wide range of terracotta baguettes that can be used to build sunscreens, wall cladding or visual screens.

As an integral part of the facade, terracotta sunscreens provide thermal comfort, let in natural light, and help reduce blinding effects without blocking visual contact with outside. They bring facades to life, allowing designers to play with shadows while combining thermal comfort, sunlight control and optimization of natural daylight.

Effective solar protection
Optimization of summer comfort
Wide choice of shapes and colors
No glare phenomenon
No noise nuisance due to the wind
Unrivaled durability of terracotta
Simple and fast installation thanks to the Terreal system
Exist in pre-assembled version at the factory

Terreal terracotta sunscreen system is easily assembled on-site and quickly installed onto an aluminum framework.  Its modular design allows varying the center spacing between sunscreen rows as well as their orientation. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally and offers total architectural freedom.


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