Which Disney Guy Is Your Soulmate Most Like?

How come Disney princesses get all the spotlight and glory while Disney guys are pushed off to the side? They are all an essential part of every Disney story, and today, we’re going to give them the round of applause they deserve. And while some of them live happily ever after with the princess of their dreams, others remain eligible bachelors for life. But let’s be real here. We can’t mix the Disney world with real life, so instead, how about we match your current soulmate to one of these Disney guys?

From Aladdin and Prince Naveen to Prince Eric and Flynn Rider, there are so many guys in this magical universe, but not all of them are considered to be a prince. Tadashi Hamada is an excellent example of one, as he’s your everyday, relatable dude from “Big Hero 6.” Or, how about Kristoff from “Frozen”? This guy is adorable, charming and willing to embark on all types of epic adventures (Bonus: He’ll keep you warm and toasty in freezing temperatures)! We’re confident that one of these Disney guys matches your soulmate perfectly. But which one could it possibly be? Well, it’s time to take our romantic quiz now to find out!


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