Which Movie Genre Best Suits You Quiz!

What Movie Is Really
If you love movies, then find out which movie is your favorite of all time, the one that relates to you personally. Take this quiz to see which movie tells to and is actually about you in terms of situations and storyline—all the best in the discovery.
Questions and Answers
  • 1. The typical hero in my film is:
    • A. A clueless man or woman who succeeds in the end.
    • B. A fearless character with a lot of common sense.
    • C. A character that may encounter failures but that you can’t help rooting for.
    • D. I don’t do the heroes and villains thing. It’s too black and white.
    • E. If anything, someone taken from history or current events.
  • 2. What is your average movie night like?
    • A. Me and my friends getting together so we can have a good laugh.
    • B. Me and a close friend watching something really high-energy.
    • C. Me and a close friend enjoying a good story.
    • D. Me and some friends trying to scare ourselves senseless.
    • E. Me watching something intellectually stimulating on my laptop.
  • 3. Visually, what’s the best part of the movie?
    • A. The close-ups where you get to see all of the emotion in the character’s face.
    • B. The latest batch of special effects and CGI.
    • C. The unique camera angles and editing techniques that heighten the mood of the film.
    • D. Mindblowing panoramic views of nature or space.
    • E. I don’t really pay attention to any of that stuff.
  • 4. When you hear a great line in a movie, you:
    • A. Quote it wherever I go to everyone I come in contact with.
    • B. Repeat it to the people who saw the film with me or think about how awesome that line was.
    • C. Use it when describing the film to those who have never seen it.
    • D. One good quote does not a movie make.
    • E. I don’t obsess over cool movie quotes.
  • 5. How deep do you prefer your movies to be?
    • A. Dude, it’s just entertainment.
    • B. I definitely want some central conflict but that’s about it.
    • C. I want the events to be ficticious but to play out just like real life.
    • D. I want to rack my brains for months trying to figure out how that movie really ended.
    • E. I want to become smarter by having watched a film.
  • 6. How often do you want to be alone?
    • A. Pretty much all day, every day.
    • B. There are times when I want to be alone but there are other times that I need some company.
    • C. I like to spend most of my time with a close friend or two.
    • D. I thrive on socializing, but I can hold back if I know that no one wants to be around me at the moment.
  • 7. Do you like new things?
    • A. New things are the only things worth enjoying.
    • B. I like new technology, but I’m also partial to timeless entities like nature.
    • C. There are just as many good new things as old things.
    • D. It depends on what would be most effective.
    • E. I could care less about trends; they won’t last.
  • 8. What gets your heart rate up the fastest?
    • A. Anything, so please just leave me alone!
    • B. Not being able to sleep and loving it.
    • C. Exercise.
    • D. Anything that puts my safety at risk.
    • E. Going to the library.
  • 9. How reliable are you?
    • A. I try to help out whenever there’s an opportunity.
    • B. I love to help people if it’s with something that I know more about.
    • C. I mainly help out those I know best.
    • D. I help only when I’m in the mood.
    • E. Anyone who needs my help is too helpless.
  • 10. Who means the most to you?
    • A. My teachers and other authority figures.
    • B. My best friend.
    • C. Anyone who is like me.
    • D. My family and friends.
    • E. All the thousands of friends I have.


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