Berlin of the Top Film Festivals in the World

A venue at Berlinale

Usually referred to by its moniker of “Berlinale,” this festival takes place in Germany’s artistic, party-hard capital. Berlinale attracts huge numbers of people every February, with its 2018 attendance totaling 18,000 film professionals, 3,700 journalists, and hundreds of thousands of people from the general public. And if those numbers weren’t impressive enough, the festival also screens a staggering 400 films each year.

The festival also coincides with the European Film Market, one of the largest trade meetings in the industry. It brings roughly 10,000 film professionals to Berlin, where they network, buy and sell films, and learn about new industry trends — setting the tone for the movies that will hit theaters around the globe in years to come.

To attend: This festival is open to the public, but Berlinale only sells a limited number of tickets online. It’s relatively easy to buy tickets in person, although you’ll need to check the program for more information. In general, tickets cost 13 euro.


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