“Love With Flaws” (2019 Drama): Cast & Summary

Love With Flaws

Love With Flaws

Model and actor Ahn JaeHyun (“You Who Came from the Stars”, “Blood”, “Cinderella with Four Knights”, “The Beauty Inside”) and Oh YeonSeo (“Come Back Mister”, “My Sassy Girl”, “Hwayugi”) are the main leads.

Kim SeulGi has a role too. She is well-known for her numerous supporting roles in dramas such as “Kill Me, Heal Me”, “Splash Splash Love”, “Three Color Fantasy: Queen of the Ring” and “The Guardians”.
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Title: Love with Flaws / People With Flaws/Hajaissneun ingandeul/하자있는 인간들
Director: Oh JinSeok
Writer: Ahn JinYoo
Network: MBC
Runtime: From Nov. 27
Language: Korean

A romantic comedy about a woman who has an aversion for flower boys and a man who has an obsession with appearance as they overcome the prejudices against people with flaws.
“Love With Flaws” (2019 Drama): Cast & Summary
Oh YeonSeo as Joo SeoYeon
A hot-blooded physical education high school teacher with a strong personality. 365 days and 24 hours, she is wearing her training uniform or jeans and sneakers.
Her ideal type is a “not handsome guy”.
She will enter into conflicts with handsome Lee KangWoo in everything.
“Love With Flaws” (2019 Drama): Cast & Summary
Ahn JaeHyun as Lee KangWoo
The chairman of boards of the high school.
He is a man who is incredibly arrogant and is obsessed with appearance. He likes the attention of others and loves his looks. He spends 12 hours of his day to improve his looks. He has a flawless and handsome appearance.
However, he has a secret that no one knows: he is suffering from a past trauma. 15 years ago, he was overweight and ugly. He had to change school after he had acute enteritis in the school bus.
While meeting with a well-known psychologist, he realized that his irritable bowel syndrome disorder is connected to that girl of 15 years ago. He became the chairman of the school she is working at.
“Love With Flaws” (2019 Drama): Cast & Summary
Kim SeulGi as Kim MiKyung
Korean language high school teacher.
She is a friend of SeoYeon. She studied hard to get her position of teacher to be able to get married to a man with an elite job.
She spends 70% of her salary on taking care of her image.
“Love With Flaws” (2019 Drama): Cast & Summary
Gu Won as Lee MinHyuk

He is working at the nursery of the high school. He is the cousin of Kang Woo. He is the ‘perfect’ man with a perfect physique and smart.
No one at school knows that he is the eldest grandson of Shinhwa Food.

Heo JungMin as Park HyunSu
He is the president of HS entertainment.
He is a friend of Kang Woo and his middle school classmate. Somehow they cut links and when they met again he was shocked at how handsome he has become.
He is the only one that knows about his irritable bowel syndrome disorder.


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